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Thinking LED, think Riverside! Riverside continually invests to stay on top of the latest technology and practices to assist our customers with their green technology needs. Some of the services offered by Riverside Electric, Inc are energy audits (including recommendations, payback, and ROI), photometric studies, affordable control systems, lighting retrofit recommendations, rebate assistance, EPACT assistance and seminars on energy savings and green technology.


Here is a sampling of new technology from recent factory visits to Riverside Electric, Inc.

  • Cooper Industries Ventus LED parking lot fixture has patented optics and proprietary light bars technology that can outperform 400 Watt Metal Halide on 30’ poles. Scalable light levels so contact Riverside for a custom lighting plan for your parking lot. Energy savings plus maintenance savings with 50,000 hour performance and five year warranty Cooper also provides the same LED technology in the Ridgeview line as a lower cost option with traditional shoebox styling.

  • LED down lighting option for can lighting applications. Juno offers both new install and retrofit products to save up to 80% with LED down lighting. Contact Riverside for a factory demonstration or click on this link for more information

  • Affordable outside LED lighting. RAB offers an attractive LED ceiling fixture to replace 70 Watt to 150 Watt Metal Halide or as a replacement for comparable fluorescent fixtures.  Click the link for more information or call  for a recommendation and pricing for your property.

  • Halo LED recessed lighting provides an exceptional range of products for virtually any application. Riverside can provide a solution for your down lighting, wall wash or spot lighting with Halo LED that significantly cuts energy costs and avoids lamp replacements for many years. Available for both easy retrofit and new construction options with a variety of trim options and color temperatures.

  • The LSI Virticus provides lighting control solutions to reduce energy and maintenance costs by 30-50%. Virticus uses scalable communication and control components that enable the management of exterior or interior lights individually and collectively. The system can save money in a wide variety of applications including retail, church, municipal and big box logistics. Visit LSI or call Riverside for a professional recommendation and quote.

Effective July 14, 2012, new DOE regulations increased the minimum efficiency requirements effectively eliminating many popular lamps including the 75 Watt and 90 Watt Flood Lamps. Available stock at the electrical suppliers is quickly drying up, so here are two alternatives which Riverside can supply to retrofit your can lights for energy and maintenance savings.

Legislation Impacting Halogen Lamps

72 Watt Flood

19 Watt Encased Compact Florescent

23 Watt Spring Compact Florescent

  • Average rated lamp life - 2,500 hours.

  • At 12 hours of operation per day that is approximately 208 days.

  • Lumen Output - 1,310

  • 75 Watt equivalent.

  • Average rated lamp life - 8,000 hours.

  • At 12 hours of operation per day that is approximately 667 days.

  • Lumen Output - 1,100

  • 100 Watt equivalent.

  • Average rated lamp life - 10,000 hours.

  • At 12 hours of operation per day that is approximately 833 days.

  • Lumen Output - 1,600

Compact fluorescent lamps have a higher output per watt (more light) and since they use less energy (wattage) they provide an energy savings as well as warranty replacement. They are installed at a higher upfront cost, but can provide energy and material savings throughout their longer life.

Not sure you have enough lighting on your property? Riverside can provide a photometric layout of your property’s foot candle reading levels making sure your lighting is at IESNA recommended levels. Photometric studies are available to evaluate alternate lighting sources (LED, Induction, HID, Fluorescent).


Do you need an internal lighting study? Riverside can supply a photometric layout of your plant, office or retail space to help evaluate the optimum number of fixtures to achieve your desired lighting levels. Call us today at 866-548-3766 (Lites-On).


Contact Riverside Electric, Inc.  today at 866-LITES-ON (866-548-3766) for all of your green technology needs, or browse our website for more information on lighting management programs, on-call services, generator sales, installation and service, electrical services, our management team, church properties, industrial facilities, logistics facilities, multi-family properties or browse our photo gallery.

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